Thursday, 19 November 2009

Learning Styles

I am going to be looking at two different learning styles the Kolb, David A. (1984) and the VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This is to see what kind of learner I am and how to find out the most effective means of understanding topics throughout the course.

Kolb’s, David A.(1984) learning styles are split into four types of learners. There is an activist type of learner who might focus on involvement in experience and personal response to real situations. A reflector focuses on understanding the meaning of situations and ideas by careful observation and description. A Theorist may focus on logic, ideas and concepts. A Pragmatist is the last learner type who focuses on actively influencing people and changing situations.

From doing the questionnaire I found out that the type of learner that I am is a reflector. This means that I am the type of learner who seeks understanding as opposed to practical application and approaches learning in an impartial and tentative way.

My strengths are that I learn best alone and thinking things through step by step. My Weaknesses are that I don't like practical things which means making or creating. Some Improvements I could make are taking a step back from task involvement and reviewing what has been done and experienced, also to keep a diary where you reference lectures on the day's events and what you have learned from them.

Learning style two is the VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire which has three learning styles. A visual learner is a person who learns best by observing thing like pictures, diagrams, demonstrations, displays, handouts, films or reading. An auditory learner learns best by listening to others speak hearing sounds and noises or talking with someone. Lastly there is the kinesthetic learner who learns best by doing, creating things with there hands touching, feeling and holding.

I completed this questionnaire as well and have found that I scored highest and equal for being a visual and auditory learner this means that I learn best by listening and seeing.

The Strengths in being this type of learner is that in lectures I will learn best with information being spoken out aloud and having visual examples. I will also be able to understand topics better by reading or by audio tape.The weaknesses in being this type of learner are note taking which might not be done very well to reuse later for revision. I would not learn very well in very lively tasks like presentations.

Some areas that I could improve on are to read notes that come from the teacher or write more effective notes. Other ways would be to record lectures and to create notes on key points of the lectures.i could also read books more often to try to understand topics. For presentations practice would help me be more prepared.

In conclusion I have found from the Kolb questionnaire that I am a reflector and from the Vak questionnaire I have found that I am visual and auditory learner. By doing this I have found the best ways that I can learn and also my weaknesses and by knowing my weaknesses I have also thought of ways to get around them by learning information in my types of learning styles. At the end of doing these questionnaires and finding my learning styles I didn't totally believe that I was this type of learner sometimes I do like to be more practical in the work that I am doing for my type of course.