Friday, 15 January 2010

Reflection on playability assignment

Description of work done

When doing the assignment of a usability test the whole group approached it by first planning every aspect out first. The group planned on what game was going to tested and where the testing will be done. Also what information was needed to come out of the test this would help for later when doing questionnaires and observing the player. The next part was getting all our plans into action and find a suitable place to have people play. The student union bar was chosen as it is where most student might visit on free times. The game that was chosen was the trial version of trials HD which is available for free on Xbox Live . The group got together and decided on what questions should go onto the entry and exit questionnaires we mostly chose questions about how skilled enough gamer they think they are and how easy was it to complete.

When everything was planned and sorted the actual doing of the usability test was decided to be done. In the group it was decided to split up jobs so the whole process of finding, setting up and playing would be more time efficient. In the end fourteen people were found to play the game this gave us the data we needed. After that we started creating a presentation and the report on the findings. The report was done by some people doing there own section of the report and some doing the presentation. Together the whole document was read by all the group to make sure that we had included everything that we needed. The references that were collected were also looked at to make sure that they fit in with the page.

Reflection and issues identified

Some concerns

The report structure was poorly thought through as we only did the sections we could think of at the time and not doing any section that was missed like some explanation on the results collected not just in the conclusion. But the group was very confident that it was all completed. Planning of the report would have made sure that nothing was missed

The content of the report which was more focused on what was done to get the results which was the planning, the setting up and playing of the game than the actual results that were collected.

Also the content of the report should have been proof read so that spelling and punctuation was made sure was at the standard which is a formal report not informal.

The presentation was not thought through as the whole group did not plan to talk before hand in a room to practice all was done was the reading of the script that was written together.

Some positive points

Was the planning before the assignment was started. It helped organize a structure on how to complete each task like the entry and exit questionnaire knowing what information we needed helped us complete it. This all helped to work towards the goal of completion of the report.

Using references we came up with ideas to do the playability test in a relaxing area and a place where people can be found. Fourteen people were found in the end four more than we expected

Plan of Action

Actions to be taken to help improve on how the assignment was tackled.

  1. Planning everything would be the best help it helps structure every part and make sure nothing is missed out.
  • The report could have had a bit more planning in making sure nothing was missed out than having to read the whole report itself to find any mistakes as it can be very easy to miss something.

  1. Proof reading would and make sure it meets the standards of a report on playability(formal).

  2. Practice of the presentation would have helped us all understand what was going to be said.

  3. Have a look at what has been done so far at stages and see if any improvements that can be made than looking at everything at the end which was mainly what was done all the work was just done and then everything was then checked over.

  4. Keeping track of time to complete each task could have gone under time management. This could of kept the times on completing each section and also kept track everything on track to complete the whole assignment well before the deadline. This would help in that there is a little bit of time in handing anything unexpected that gets in the way like a missed team member or date for testing has to be cancelled.


Overall the assignment was well thought through and in the end the assignment was done. Also the playability test was done and the group got some valuable information on the playability of the game. It may be said that if more people would do the playability test the results would give a better picture of the ease of use and ease of learning of the trial version of trials HD . But for any future assignment it may help to do the little points under plan of action as they are only small points of action but could help improve the assignment

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