Friday, 12 March 2010

Reflection on the Assignment

Are sequels ruining the games industry

Description of Work Done.

I did an assignment that was on the a chosen subject which is “Are sequels ruining the games industry”. I started this assignment by first planning what I wanted to write in assignment. Introduction then the main content split into two sections which were “what makes a good sequel from a bad one” and How does a good sequel and a bad one affect Games industries. Lastly conclusion and bibliography. After planning I looked for references in what makes a good sequel from a bad finding a book about the games industry and some articles on the internet. Also I looked for reviews on games from a website called Meta score which help prove sequels do better than the original. After this the report was written with the references. Next the bibliography was made sure that it was in the Harvard style and that it was correct. After that a conclusion was formed from the report saying that sequels are not ruining the games industry in fact it may help improve companies by out doing the original and improving technology.

Reflection and Issues Identified (SWOT)

Some positive remarks about what I did for my assignment would be that I plan the assignment a month before the actual due date. This gave me time to research and write the project as well having time to keep all other assignments on course for finishing. Planning out my assignment help gave me something to aim for and help structure an argument with research so that in the conclusion it can help with making an opinion from facts whether sequels are ruining the games industry.

Research was done through the internet and the library at Bolton university this insured that a lot of different sources would be used. For making sure my Harvard referencing I got a website called bisto where a link has been placed on Bolton website. I followed the examples of this website to create the references

Issues concerning with creating the assignment were that my planning for the assignment should have come after my research as it should have been planned around the research I did. This would have also helped with the planning and also I wouldn't have got stuck on what to write in sections just I couldn't find research about a particular sections.

Also for referencing I could have made it so it was correct format instead of as a link as soon as I found it as for some links I found it hard to go back and find the exact place in the content where I was going to reference from.

Plan of Action (SMART)

Some goals to try and do for later assignments or anything related would be to:

Keep on track with doing assignments a long time before due date it will help manage time with other assignments and work.

Research should be done at the start and the planning should try followed the research as its important to have assignment on research than on my opinion.

Every time plan out what it is that I want to say before starting to write anything down.

For references as soon as I have content I want to add to the assignment I should write it in the Harvard style referencing. Making sure that I don't have to come back and try and find the exact section.

Also I should make sure to proof read everything to make sure it's correct and also someone else. This should be done more for references that are done to make sure there in correct format as they can be tricky to structure as I found out. From using examples from the website bisto it looked correct but should have someone chack before due dates.

Completion / Review / Conclusion.

Having completing my assignment I found out how to research and reference better. As well as that the planning and structure was also ok and I was able to come into the end with an conclusion where I thought from the research that sequels are not ruining the games industry. Also in the assignment I came up with the idea of using reviews to show if people liked sequels better than original. I used a site called meta score which takes the reviews of a game from loads of sites to give a better overview of what people like more.

I believe that It would be helpful to take on board the smart goals above and use them for other assignments. Overall the work that I put in for this assignment was very good and a lot more work was put into it than other assignments this may be mostly because this assignment was all individual work most others were grouped orientated.

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