Friday, 14 May 2010

PDP project May 2010

Work done in the Design Document

Description of Work Done.

The Assignment for the Design Document was to create an idea for a game. We worked in a team of four we first planned what was needed and what was wanted in the game. Next we each took parts of the design document to do and complete individually. The work which I did for this assignment was to create Mechanics for disarming of enemies, moving through the level and combat. I also found some pictures for non lethal weapon ideas and referenced them.

Disarm Mechanic
This shows the many various ways in which the player will disarm an enemy AI. The AI could have a weapon like gun or any other so there can be many ways to disarm. The disarm mechanic was made because if a person has a gun a quick way was made get rid of it as it could cops or the enemy. It was mostly because the plot of the game was meant to portray the player as a good person and would not kill another so would have to disarm instead.

Moving Mechanic
The plot of the game has the player being a free runner who can use the environment to get places quicker. Some of the moves were to wall run or jumping over objects.

Combat Mechanic
A Combat system was placed in game and this showed how the moves work and the button combinations given to do the move. This was placed in the game so that the player could get into buildings with people in the way or after a person has been disarmed of a weapon.

Reflection and Issues Identified (SWOT)

Some issues to be identified are that

The Mechanics were not detailed enough on every aspect of the game so that every type of movement or fighting combination for the game could be included. The Mechanics are short and are not totally complete to the extent of covering the whole game as these cannot be planned. It may also be because not a lot of research was done.

I also did not plan through everything and may have missed some crucial mechanics to show to another person how the game comes together what the player will be capable of doing.

Organisation of my time was poor and I did not start the project till very late and I was spend time over weekends and also late at night making sure parts were completed.

Also a lot more extra work on my part could have been made by doing more things.

Plan of Action (SMART)

Next time I will plan the section I am going to do before starting this will help me understand what it is from the outset what I need to work towards. Also this will make sure that everything that is needed to be included is not missed.

Organisation of my time will help me only do work in classes and in the morning I should go into university and spend time doing work so less time is spent at nights and over weekends.

If I also started the Assignment as soon as it was given I would have had less pressure when it came up to the deadline.

Completion / Review / Conclusion
I think the work I did in the mechanics was explained in enough detail and will be understood if anyone tried to get a view on what happens when the player moves, fights or uses a weapon. My organisation will be improved for any future assignments so I will need to make sure that plan each section to make sure that everything completed. Start as soon as I receive the assignment and manage my time so that everything done on time. I will also do more research and this will give me more to write about. I thought this assignment was good thing to do as I thought that coming up with a game idea was a nice thing to do. I believe with more time a lot more could have been covered but in the space of time we had I could have done more.

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